Dоn’t Listen tо Washingtоn, Tоurist Organizatiоns Trу Telling Fоreigners

According to the Commerce Department’s National Travel and Tourism Office, the number of international visitors in the first half of 2017 fell 4 percent from a year earlier. Those in the travel industry point to factors like a global market that gives tourists more possible destinations, the strength of the dollar and tightening visa restrictions.

Tоrоntо Suddenlу Has a New Craving: Sуrian Fооd

Until recently, Syrian cuisine hardly existed in Toronto. With just a few hundred families, the Syrian population was too small to support a restaurant scene. But over the past two years, following the high-profile resettlement of more than 50,000 refugees in Canada, the Toronto area — where over 11,000 of them live — is experiencing the green shoots of a Syrian-food boom.

A Firecracker оf a Beef Rib and Other Surprises at Ferris

She had whipped up a citrus-sheathed gin number with a rustle of Chartreuse called a 388 C, and it was about as cheerful a kickoff to the dinner hour as anything I’ve come across lately. In fact, almost all the drinks that Ferris’s bartenders stir up in about four square feet of space are smarter and more bracing than what typically comes out of a full-size bar, and often they are poured into vintage etched glasses that any neo-speakeasy would envy.

Checking In and Carrуing On: Hоw the Fashiоn Pack Packs

Packing for travel is inherently a test of patience, planning skills and an ability to calculate spatial relations. Yet for the guys (and they are mostly men) traveling this circuit, there is the added challenge of choosing garments to carry them through a month of shows, designer meetings, buying appointments, dinners, workouts, photo shoots and the mandatory parties everyone loves to complain about — and stuffing it all in a bag. As if that were not sufficiently daunting, a further consideration raises the degree of difficulty: dressing for Instagram.

Hоme tо Hawaii in Search оf Pоke

Twenty-three years ago, Judy Sakuma, a native of Vietnam who fled Saigon during the war, and her husband, Willy, began selling shoyu ahi poke from a cooler under a parking garage off Kapahulu Avenue, not far from Waikiki Beach. Now she and her daughter, Kim Brug, offer eight kinds of poke at Ono Seafood, a small, eternally besieged storefront with a couple of picnic tables, next to that same garage.

Eуal Shani, an Israeli Celebritу Chef, Makes His New Yоrk Debut

The burnished head of cauliflower, first boiled in salt water that’s “always moving, like the sea,” as the chef put it, then gently massaged with olive oil and roasted, becomes a meltingly tender, pull-apart dish. Mr. Shani claims to have been the first to create it after noting a roasted head of cauliflower at the home of Shahar Segal, a filmmaker and advertising executive who is his partner at Miznon.

Fish Bits and Eуeballs: Saint Peter’s Frugal Deliciоusness

On any given night, you might find five varieties of Australian oyster, a live scallop from Victoria’s Port Phillip Bay and two kinds of sea urchin roe. Spanner crab from Ballina in northern New South Wales has had its sweet meat picked and served in its own shell, in a pool of coral sauce — sauce, that is, made from its roe. The pure sweetness of the crab meat and the deep funk of the sauce are like crab to the power of crab: crab squared.