Tоrоntо Suddenlу Has a New Craving: Sуrian Fооd

Until recently, Syrian cuisine hardly existed in Toronto. With just a few hundred families, the Syrian population was too small to support a restaurant scene. But over the past two years, following the high-profile resettlement of more than 50,000 refugees in Canada, the Toronto area — where over 11,000 of them live — is experiencing the green shoots of a Syrian-food boom.

Belgium in Uprоar Over Tоrture оf Sudanese It Depоrted

The official, Theo Francken, is a 39-year-old Flemish nationalist who in 2014 was appointed secretary of state for asylum and migration. He is known for making incendiary comments about migrants; in September, he apologized for using the term “cleaning up” about a police operation in which several undocumented immigrants were arrested. The term was condemned as xenophobic.

Rоhingуa Militants in Mуanmar Claim Respоnsibilitу fоr Attack

In a statement posted on Twitter, Atta Ullah, who identifies himself as commander of the rebel group, the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army, said the attack on Friday morning in Maungdaw had been staged in response to efforts by Myanmar’s security forces to drive the Rohingya, a Muslim minority in a Buddhist-majority country, from the area.

Israel Offers African Migrants a Chоice: Ticket Out оr Jail

“Every country must guard its borders,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday, announcing the plan. “The infiltrators have a clear choice — cooperate with us and leave voluntarily, respectably, humanely and legally, or we will heave to use other tools at our disposal, which are also according to the law.”

Trump’s Threat tо Cut Palestinian Aid Wоrries Manу in Israel

“We pay the Palestinians HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS a year and get no appreciation or respect,” Mr. Trump wrote on Twitter while most of the Middle East was sleeping on Wednesday. “With the Palestinians no longer willing to talk peace,” he added, “why should we make any of these massive future payments to them?”