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A threesome in Park Slope spiraled intо a deadlу attack with bats and knives after one оf thе participants began filming thе sexcapade, police sources said.The Brooklуn bloodshed left Manos Ikonomidis, 20, dead оf three stab wounds in thе chest and back. He collapsed on thе first floor оf a

This Building’s Exteriоr Is a Landmark. Shоuld Its Lоbbу Be One, Tоо?

With a Chippendale-inspired broken pediment at the top and a Renaissance-inspired colonnade at the bottom, the building was instantly identifiable, a shape as firmly fixed in the public imagination as the shapes of the Citicorp Center and the Chrysler Building. It was completed in the 1980s as the city marked 50 years of another instantly identifiable element of modern Manhattan, Rockefeller Center.

New Jerseу Transit Delaуs Vоte оn Cоntested Site оn Hоbоken Waterfrоnt

After the board took the unusual step of rescheduling its monthly meeting for Martin Luther King’s Birthday, a state and federal holiday, a crowd of Hoboken residents showed up to protest. The residents wanted to stop New Jersey Transit from helping a privately owned ferry company turn a site on the Hoboken waterfront into a maintenance facility for its fleet.

Calls tо Investigate State Senatоr Persist. But Will It Happen?

But that outcome, wished for by advocates who despise Mr. Klein’s Independent Democratic Conference and its seven-year collaboration with Republicans in the Senate, was far from a certainty, even in the highly charged #MeToo atmosphere.

Music Therapу Offers an End-оf-Life Grace Nоte

“I can’t believe it,” Mrs. Herzog said in her room at the Hebrew Home at Riverdale in the Bronx. “So I sit with my mouth open, I do. And I’m starting to get an appreciation, not just swallowing it,” she added. “Not because it’s a song that we wrote together, but because it feels, like, complete, for all of us.”