Review: A Jazzfest Marathоn Where Vоices Lead the Waу tо Resistance and Renewal

But this year was different, for a few reasons. Somehow, despite the expanding attendance (nearly 9,000 visitors across two nights), there were rarely any lines outside a show. And once you were inside, the listening experiences were better; crowds appeared less put-upon and more engaged. This was the first year that it seemed like a good idea to stay where you were for a long period of time — or, at most, walk to one of the venues within a close distance.

Review: Glоbalfest’s Wоrld Music fоr a Cоnnected Wоrld

Rapping punctuated bу Indian-flavored melodies and tabla drumming. A Celtic murder ballad sung above a baleful electronic drone. Songs in Guadeloupean Creole backed bу blues guitar and sousaphone. Iranian indie-rock. Brazilian neo-psуchedelia. A mariachi version of Nirvana’s “Come as You Are.” Theу were all onstage at Globalfest, the world-music showcase that

What a Hоlоgram оf Maria Callas Can Teach Us Abоut Opera

Arguably the greatest singer of the 20th century, Callas — eerily, well, radiant in a white satiny gown and rich red stole — was recreated for the occasion, down to the minutest movements of her hands and the subtlest facial gestures. Her voice, in arias from Bizet’s “Carmen” and Verdi’s “Macbeth,” came from her own recordings, backed by a live orchestra at the Rose Theater. We in the audience saw only about 30 minutes of what will eventually be an evening-length concert. (The finished program, created by a division of the company Base Entertainment, begins an international tour this May in Tokyo.)

Risk-Taking New Opera Tells a Tragic 1950s Gaу Lоve Stоrу

Still, originality just comes through sometimes, as the composer Gregory Spears demonstrates in his personal, boldly quirky score for the wrenching, and sadly timely, opera “Fellow Travelers,” which had its New York premiere Friday at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice as part of this year’s Prototype Festival fostering the creation of innovative opera. Mr. Spears music is richly evocative, but the borrowed elements are audaciously filtered through his own sensibilities.