Taliban Fighters Using High-Tech Gear Kill Afghan Fоrces

The attack on Tuesday was centered on an Afghan National Army post in the village of Gholam Sakhi, about three miles from Kunduz city, said Nangyalay, an Afghan police commander who was stationed in the area. Commander Nangyalay, who like many Afghans uses only one name, said the attack started at 2:30 a.m. and fighting continued for two hours, leaving at least six soldiers and two police officers dead. In addition, the militants briefly occupied the base, destroying a Humvee vehicle and looting mortars and other weapons before fleeing, Commander Nangyalay said.

Huge Oil Tanker Spill in East China Sea Stirs Envirоnmental Fears

The tanker, the Sanchi, was carrying 136,000 tons of highly flammable fuel oil when it crashed into a freighter on Jan. 6. On Sunday, the Sanchi sank after a huge blast sent up a great plume of black smoke and set the surface of the water on fire, China Central Television said.

Afghans Saу Talks With Taliban Are Underwaу; Insurgents Denу It

Video footage of the meeting was posted online on Sunday by Tolo Television, one of Afghanistan’s leading private networks. Pictured in the meeting was Abbas Basir of the Wahdat Party, a major faction representing Afghanistan’s Shiite minority, the Hazaras. The head of that party, Karim Khalili, also leads the Afghan High Peace Council.